Company Name Industry Focus Year Founded
32 Degrees Capital Energy 2004
Alignvest Private Capital Financial Services and Healthcare 2011
Annapolis Capital Energy 2006
ARC Financial Corp. Energy 1989
ArcTern Ventures Renewable Energy and Diversified
Argosy Partners Ltd Diversified 1995
Arva Limited Diversified 1956
Ashbridge Partners Diversified 2013
Auxo Management Security Systems 2010
Avrio Venture Agriculture 2006
Azimuth Capital Management Energy 2000
Banyan Capital Partners Diversified
Bayshore Capital Real Estate and Diversified 1983
BC Advantage Funds Clean Technology and Diversified 2001
BDC Venture Capital Industrial, Energy Technology and Diversified 2004
Bedford Capital Diversified 1982
Beringer Capital Diversified 2011
Best Funds Technology and Financial Services 1996
Bingley Capital Mining 2009
Bioenterprise Capital Diversified
Birch Hill Equity Partners Diversified 1994
Bonnefield Agriculture 2009
Brookfield Asset Management Renewable Energy and Infrastructure 1900
CAI Capital Partners Infrastructure Services, Business Services, Specialty Manufacturing
Celtic House Venture Partners Technology and Diversified 1994
Chrysalix Diversified 2001
Clairvest Diversified 1987
Clearspring Capital Partners Diversified 2002
CopperLion Capital Diversified
Crest Capital Corporation Infrastructure 2012
Crown Capital Diversified 2000
CTI Life Sciences Biotechnology 2006
Cycle Capital Management Clean Technology and sectorial diversification 2009
Desjardins Venture Capital Software, Biotechnology and Diversified Unknown
Difference Capital Technology, Media and Healthcare 2012
DRI Capital Healthcare 1992
Dundee Global Resource Mining, Energy, Real Estate and Infrastructure
EdgeStone Capital Partners Diversified 1999
Entrepia Ventures Diversified 1999
Entrepreneur Capital Healthcare and Diversified Unknown
Eventi Capital Partners Diversified 2002
Extreme Venture Partners Mobile and Diversified 2007
Fibernetics Ventures Telecom and Diversified 2004
Fonds de Solidarite Des Travailleurs du Quebec Real Estate 1983
Foundation Equity Corporation Diversified 1991
Fredette, Nash & Co. Inc. Diversified 2013
Freycinet Ventures Venture Capital 2013
Fulcrum Capital Partners Diversified 2011
Genesis Capital Corporation Biotechnology 2010
Genesys Capital Biotechnology and Health Care 2000
Genwealth Ventures Digital Media and Technology 2011
Georgian Partners Diversified 2008
Gibraltar Ventures Diversified 2013
Golden Venture Partners Mobile 2011
Granite Partners Diversified 1996
Greybrook Capital Real Estate, Healthcare and Technology 1999
GrowthWorks Capital Information Technology and Diversified 1992
Gustavson Capital Diversified 1992
Hardy Capital Partners E-Commerce and Technology 2014
Hawthorn Equity Partners Mobile and Software 2005
High Park Capital Partners Diversified 2011
iGan Partners Healthcare and Digital Health 2015
Imperial Capital Partners Health Care, Business and Consumer Services 1989
Impression Ventures Financial Technology 2013
Induran Ventures Biotechnology 2012
Inerjys Ventures CleanTech 2015
Information Venture Partners Diversified 2014
Innovacorp Diversified 1995
Integrated Asset Management Corp. Diversified 1998
InvestEco Capital Diversified 2002
Ironbridge Equity Partners Diversified 2005
Jacob Capital Management Power, infrastructure, technology, energy and mining sectors

Jefferson Partners Software companies
JOG Capital Diversified 2002
Kensington Capital Partners Limited Diversified 1996
Killick Capital Diversified 2004
Kilmer Capital Partners Diversified 1954
Kilmer Van Nostrand Diversified 1954
Klass Capital Enterprise Software, SaaS and Growth Equity 2010
Knight's Bridge Capital Partners Diversified 2006
Lex Capital Management Energy 2009
Lighthouse Equity Partners Diversified 2012
Lionhart Capital Diversified 1990
Livia Capital Management Energy 1997
Longbow Capital Diversified 1997
Lumira Capital Health Care, Biotechnology and Diversified Unknown
Mantella Venture Partners Mobile and Internet Software 2010
McLean Watson Capital Diversified 1992
McRock Capital Sensors & Software, Large Industrial Markets
Miralta Capital Diversified 2007
Mistral Venture Partners Enterprise Software, AI for Enterprise, Marketplaces

MMV Capital Partners Diversified 1998
Northleaf Capital Partners Diversified 2009
NOVACAP Diversified 1981
ONCAP Diversified 1984
Onex Corporation Diversified 1984
Pangaea Ventures Advanced materials, novel chemistries, and biology 2000
Pender West Capital Partners Diversified 2003
PenderFund Capital Management Diversified 2003
Penfund Consumer services, Business services, Healthcare 1979
Persistence Capital Partners Diversified 2008
PFM Capital Diversified 1989
Plaza Ventures Technology 2008
Point Grey Capital Diversified 2004
Polar Asset Management Partners Diversified 1998
PRIVEQ Capital Funds Partners Diversified 1994
Quantum Capital Diversified 2004
Quantum Valley Investments Technology 2013
RBC Capital Partners Diversified 2000
Real Ventures Diversified 2007
ReichmannHauer Capital Partners Diversified 2004
Relay Ventures Mobile Technology 2008
Renewal Funds Diversified 2008
Richardson Capital Limited Diversified 2003
Riskebiz Internet 1999
Roadmap Capital Diverdified 2013
Round 13 Capital Diversified 2011
Roynat Equity Partners Diversified 1962
Russell Square Partners Diversified 2012
Sarona Asset Management Diversified 1953 / 2010
Schroders & Associates Canada Diversified Unknown
Second City Capital Partners Real Estate 2004
Serruya Private Equity Diversified Unknown
Signal Hill Equity Partners Diversified 2007
Stern Partners Diversified 1986
Summerhill Venture Partners Diversified 2007
Tactico Diversified 2007
TANDEM Diversified 2010
Tech Capital Partners
Tech Companies
TechnoCap NA 1993
TELUS Ventures Telecommunication 2001
Tera Capital Corporation Diversified 1996
The Catalyst Capital Group Inc. Diversified 2002
TorQuest Partners Diversified 2002
Trellis Capital Corporation Diversified 2000
Tricor Pacific Founders Capital Consumer Goods 2014
TriWest Capital Partners Diversified 1998
Urban Select Capital Corp. Diversified 2007
Vancity Capital Diversified 1998
Vanedge Capital Partners Ltd Digital Media 2008
Version One Ventures Diversified 2007
Wellington Financial Biotechnology and Healthcare 2000
Wesley Clover Diversified 1972
York Plains Investment Corp Diversified 2011

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