A FOCUS on bio-based innovation
Worldwide demand for sustainable agriculture, food and bio-products is driving innovation and extending agriculture into new global markets. Agri-technology is an investment opportunity poised for substantial growth. Today, a critical mass of agriculture-based innovation is waiting to be commercialized, while thousands of agri-tech companies are ripe for expansion.
That's where Bioenterprise Capital comes in.

We invest in carefully selected agri-based technologies and businesses that promote human health, lower global energy consumption, reduce the environmental impact of industry and leverage technology to materially impact productivity.

Specializing in agri-tech, Bioenterprise Capital is uniquely positioned to identify attractive opportunities and weed out all but the best prospects.
And it's not just dollars that we invest. Our hands-on approach helps our portfolio companies to expand their markets, grow profits and create a cleaner, greener and healthier world in the process.

That's how we define intelligent capital.

Source: Bioenterprise Capital


Bioenterprise Capital Ventures Inc. offers unique access to a growing agri-technology sector, providing investors with a vehicle to capitalize on world-class opportunities
Investing in new technologies brings inherent risks, of course, which is why we've established a variety of measures to minimize those risks and maximize the rewards. They include:

• A management team with several decades of venture capital experience
• In-depth sector knowledge combined with extensive connections in industry, government and academia
• Expert oversight through our Management Advisory Council and our Science and Innovation Advisory Committee
• A diversified portfolio that balances investments by stage of company, ag-tech subsector, technology and product range
• Proven leadership in identifying good investment prospects
• Industry-leading due diligence that ensures every potential investment is scrutinized for soundness of the science and technology, intellectual property potential, commercial potential,

Business models, market opportunity, financial exposure and effective management

• An investment model that nurtures the most promising enterprises and accelerates innovations into global markets quickly and efficiently
• The ability to capitalize on investment opportunities and drive the greatest investment returns

Source: Bioenterprise Capital

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Dave Smardon, Managing Partner
Robert A (Bob) Woods, Venture Partner
Philippe Michel Hervé, Partner

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