DARE Approach

The DARE Approach

The unique training programs provided by the Mink Capital team prepare you to confidently evaluate investment opportunities in the private equity space.

  • Decide

    Through our detailed analysis, we help Family Offices decide if private equity is a good fit for their portfolio. If so, we help DECIDE on what the best approach would be to private equity investing. Examples of decisions would include:

    • Fund investing vs. direct investing
    • To include secondary fund investing, co-investment strategies or other unique approaches to private equity
    • Which industries, geographies, etc might be the best fit for the Family Office given it’s current situation
    • Which stage of private equity investment to focus on
    • and more…
  • Act

    We help guide Family Offices allocate and invest in private equity. Some of our services include:

    • Develop a private equity strategy
    • Enhance private equity deal flow (within the above strategy)
    • Offer advising services on current Private Equity investments
    • Represent Family Offices on Board/Advisory teams of existing/future investments
    • Overall, be the Family Offices trusted advisors for everything Private Equity!
  • Realize

    We help guide Family Offices on realizing/exiting investments. We ONLY represent the buy-side so we NEVER take fees from the transaction from anyone other than our client, the Family Office. We look out for our Family Offices best interest.

  • Educate

    We don’t just Decide, Act and Realize on our own. We do teach you and your team how to do it on your on so that you can sustain the private equity strategy internally. We train your team, children, etc to work with us on everything we do.

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