Induran Ventures Inc., a venture philanthropy general partnership, accelerates technologies that solve problems confronting humans. Induran has experience starting, growing, and running companies across the spectrum of biotechnology, including the world's first continuous process biofuel refinery, eco-friendly agriculture, novel anti-viral therapeutics, drug delivery technology,
and molecular diagnostics.
The Induran Partners are focused on social impact investing. The enterprises we select are working with revolutionary yet practical innovations.
We work with Family Offices, Qualified Investors, Angel Networks, Corporations, Endowments and Foundations, targeting solutions of interest to our investors.

Source: Induran Ventures


Induran looks for opportunities to create strong business models. The markets must be large and growing. The technology or product should be globally competitive and the entrepreneurs must be exceptional. Investments are made directly in each project. The investment focus is on projects in biological science and engineering. Our typical investment size ranges from $2M to $15M.

Source: Induran Ventures

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P.O Box 26, Kingston, Ontario, Canada K7L 4V6


Key Personnel

Peter Blaney – CEO

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