Argosy Partners is a private equity investment firm based in Toronto. Through its niche funds, the firm buys shares from selling shareholders in small and medium-sized, owner-operated businesses. This is done through its well-established funding solutions: The Shotgun Fund and The Succession Fund.
As General Partner of The Shotgun Fund and The Succession Fund, the partners of Argosy combine their own capital with a number of experienced successful investors and entrepreneurs, to make investments in profitable private businesses with strong management teams.

Source: Argosy Partners Ltd


Argosy Partners Ltd offers The Shotgun Fund and The Succession Fund that have developed a unique niche in the market by providing liquidity for shareholders in small and medium sized owner-managed businesses.

Strategy of Argosy Partners Ltd. via The Shotgun Fund
The shotgun clause is an effective tool because it can help to quickly resolve situations where business partners want to end their relationship. Argosy Partners Ltd, as investors have the opportunity to make fast, informed decisions as to whether or not they want to become the new part-owner in that circumstance. This capability provides proprietary deal flow focused on partnering with owner-managers, and differentiates The Shotgun Fund from other capital providers. The niche created by The Shotgun Fund gives it access to profitable businesses with passionate, knowledgeable founders that must act to resolve their shareholder issues.

Strategy of Argosy Partners Ltd. via The Succession Fund
The Succession Fund buys shares from selling shareholders in owner-managed businesses and helps resolve family business ownership transition issues. Using “Chips off the Table” ™ solution, this fund helps business owners who want to buy out one or more of their legacy shareholders or sell some of their own shares for succession planning purposes. Argosy Partners Ltd provides family business owners with the ability to achieve partial liquidity and address their financial objectives without selling out prematurely or leveraging their balance sheet. The Succession Fund partners with owner-managers interested in optimizing the value of their business.

Source: Argosy Partners Ltd

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Argosy Partners Ltd.
141 Adelaide Street West, Suite 760
Toronto, Ontario
Canada, M5H 3L5


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Richard Reid - Partner
Larry Klar - Partner

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