Argosy Partners is a private investment partnership based in Toronto, Canada. The Argosy team was established in 1995 to provide financial advice and equity solutions to small and medium-sized Canadian businesses.
Over the years at Argosy, we have learned that we can help owner-managers to realize their ambitions of turning small, family ventures into larger, more professional and financially successful businesses. Instead of charging large fees for providing these solutions, we exercise a partnership approach, investing our own money alongside owner-managers in the form of funds, and steadily building value together.
Source: Argosy Partners Ltd.


Argosy’s current specialized equity funds include The Shotgun Fund and The Succession Fund. While the funds address two different sets of circumstances, our investment criteria and objectives remain the same; The Shotgun Fund enables owner-managers to respond to a triggered shotgun clause with confidence and avoid the loss of the business, while The Succession Fund is a solution for owner-managers wanting to find a new partner (other than a lender) to help grow the business and optimize opportunities.

Source: Argosy Partners Ltd.

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150 King St. W. Suite 214
Toronto, Ontario
Canada, M5H 1J9


Key Personnel

Richard Reid - Partner
Larry Klar - Partner

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