The Plaza Ventues Story:
Plazacorp has been a distinguished real estate developer in the Greater Toronto Area since the 1980s, with $6B+ of residential and commercial development completed or in progress.

In the mid-nineties Plazacorp began participating in seed-stage private financings, developing expertise through investments in over 50 technology companies with many exits.

In 2012, they recognized the opportunity to evolve from seed-stage to growth-stage investing and established Plaza Ventures as a formal investment practice. Plazacorp designed their micro-fund model to efficiently pool capital from their growing high-net-
worth investor community into annual investment vehicles targeting a basket of Series A and Series B investments. These micro-funds have built a proven track record, backing successful entrepreneurs through multiple funding rounds.

Their community-oriented philosophy embraces group ethos decision-making, recognizing the value of each team member’s unique perspective in every file that they explore. Their general partners directly support each portfolio company with their time, connections and expertise. Adding to this support, they encourage their tremendous roster of investment partners, their LPs, to contribute to their shared success with their own networks and knowledge. Their whole community benefits from alignment, transparency and mutual trust.

Source: Plaza Ventures


The mission at Plaza Ventures is to shift part of the mountain of family wealth from old-economy industries into tech. By connecting great entrepreneurs with successful families and deploying capital into high-potential growth-stage investments, Plaza Ventures seeks to maximize value for both operators and investors.

Plaza Ventures encourages portfolio company leadership to connect with their world-class roster of LPs for strategic guidance and networking opportunities. Their esteemed private investors get to participate in growth-stage investments to which they would otherwise not be exposed. Everybody wins.

They do not charge %AUM management fees; they only generate wealth for Plaza Ventures when their companies create positive outcomes. And because their annual funds are highly concentrated, every exit is meaningful to them. They don’t pressure company leadership to seek $1B valuations. All of this creates natural alignment with their entrepreneurs and investors.

Their investment criteria is shared openly for everyone to review. Operating budgets are published to LPs. Portions of each annual fund are re-invested in successful portfolio companies, allowing new investors to look at deal flow before coming on board. Their model delivers unparalleled transparency.

Plaza Ventures encouraged by compassion, empathy, and a personal touch. They don’t get rich from fees, so every action or piece of advice comes from alignment, not conflicting objectives. Their general partners are eager to contribute their time and expertise to help each portfolio company scale and flourish.

Source: Plaza Ventures

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Year Founded


Contact Info

10 Wanless Ave #206,
Toronto, ON M4N 1V6

Key Personnel

Daniel Brothman - General Partner
Robert Richards - General Partner
Matthew Leibowitz - General Partner
Daniel Israelsohn - Vice President

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