The Innovation Economy is the wealth-generation engine of our future. Our mission at PV is to shift part of the mountain of capital from old-economy industries into tech. By connecting great entrepreneurs with investors and deploying capital into high-potential growth-stage investments, we seek to maximize value for both operators and investors.


We encourage portfolio company leadership to connect with our world-class roster of LPs for strategic guidance and networking opportunities. Our esteemed investors get to participate in investment opportunities to which they would otherwise not be exposed. Everybody wins.

We do not charge % AUM management fees; we only generate wealth for PV when our companies create positive outcomes. Our investment strategies are highly concentrated, which means that all exits are meaningful to us. We don’t pressure company leadership to seek $1B valuations. All of this creates a natural alignment with our entrepreneurs and investors.

Our investment criteria are shared openly for everyone to review. Operating budgets are published to LPs. New investors are welcome to look at deal flow before coming on board. Our model delivers unparalleled transparency.

We are community-oriented and believe that successful outcomes are encouraged by compassion, empathy, and a personal touch. We don’t get rich from fees, so every action or piece of advice comes from alignment, not conflicting objectives. Our general partners are eager to contribute their time and expertise to help each portfolio company scale and flourish.

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10 Wanless Ave #206,
Toronto, ON M4N 1V6

Key Personnel

Daniel Brothman - General Partner
Matthew Leibowitz - General Partner
Daniel Israelsohn - Vice President

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