Bonnefield, established in 2009, is the largest farmland investment and property manager in Canada, providing farmland lease financing to operators across Canada.
Bonnefield has developed a series of business practices and expertise related to the sourcing, assessment and management of farmland across Canada which we believe are essential to successfully execute our investment strategies.

Our ultimate goal is to preserve farmland for farming.

We offer investors the opportunity to hold Canadian farmland.


Through our farmland management practice, we work with farmland owners and operators to ensure they have the resources they need to enhance the value of the farmlands. Together we carefully monitor multi-year agrology, crop rotation and fertilizer plans, identify opportunities for improving the physical maintenance and layout of farmlands and look for ancillary income opportunities such as wind rights, water rights and crop sharing opportunities.

Our unique multi-disciplinary team brings a unique approach to farmland investment and management by combining:

+ More than 40 years of commercial real estate development and management experience;
+ A long and successful track record of managing farmland and commercial real estate and alternative investment assets for some of Canada’s largest pension funds, investing institutions and high-net-worth investors;
+ Experience in farm operations and ownership, directly operating over 47,000 acres of farmland across Canada through a sister company;
+ More than 20 years of farmland realty experience; and
+ Sophisticated internet-based tracking and reporting capabilities hosted on our own technology platform.

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At Bonnefield, we invest in and hold farmland for long-term capital appreciation and income. As Canada's largest farmland investment management and property management firm, we offer qualified investors the opportunity to hold Canadian farmland through pooled limited partnerships. Our farmland portfolios current comprise over 80,000 acres, leased to more than 70 tenants across British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Bonnefield is 100% Canadian owned and managed and invests solely on behalf of Canadian institutions and private clients.

• Bonnefield Canadian Farmland LP I - closed
• Bonnefield Canadian Farmland LP II - closed
• Bonnefield Canadian Farmland LP III - closed
• Bonnefield Canadian Farmland LP IV
• Bonnefield evergreen private client LP

Incorporating principles of exemplary environmental stewardship as well as sustainable farming and agronomic practices, our goal is to become a long-term partner with our farm operators. For the second consecutive year, Bonnefield has received an "A" ranking by the United Nations supported Principles for Responsible Investment (UN-PRI)
We do not buy farmland for redevelopment. Our goal is to preserve farmland for farming.

Source: Bonnefield

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141 Adelaide Street West,
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Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Key Personnel

Tom Eisenhauer - President & CEO
Steve Kaminski - Vice President & Investment Committee Member
Jan Kaminski - Vice President & Investment Committee Member

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