Bonnefield Financial Inc. (“Bonnefield”) is Canada’s leading farmland investment manager. For over 10 years, Bonnefield has offered
leading Canadian farmers an alternative to traditional debt or equity financing through farmland lease-financing agreements which
allow farm operators to strengthen their balance sheets, improve cash flow, expand their land base, and / or plan for generational
Bonnefield’s investment model provides investors with low-correlated, low-volatility, equity-like returns while preserving farmland for
farming. The three investment partnerships currently managed by Bonnefield have farmland portfolios comprising ~112,000 acres,
leased to ~100 farm families across Canada. Bonnefield has received an “A” rating from the United Nations supported Principles for
Responsible Investing since becoming a signatory in 2014. Bonnefield and its partnerships are 100% Canadian owned and managed.

Source: Bonnefield


Bonnefield adds value to its farmland acquisitions by buying right. With Bonnefield’s long-term commitment to preserving farmland.
For farming and helping farm families succeed, Bonnefield is a preferred financial partner for leading Canadian farmers. This approach has resulted in a robust investment pipeline, which leads to alpha-generating opportunities during (and post) acquisition.

Bonnefield further supports its farm partners through variable leases and through accretive capital expenditures, which serve to
improve the underlying investment assets and contribute to an enhanced return profile.

Bonnefield’s approach is to promote sound farmland management practices, help improve operator efficiencies, and protect the
integrity of Canadian farmland, which are core to preserving and enhancing long-term returns for investors.
-Promote sound farmland management practices
- Generate consistent, robust investment returns
- Apply proprietary research to portfolio management
- Protect integrity of Canadian farmland
- Leave farming operations to the farmers
- Maintain low fees
- Follow responsible (ESG) investing principles

Source: Bonnefield

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141 Adelaide Street West,
Suite 510
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Key Personnel

Tom Eisenhauer - President & CEO
Richard D’Archivio, Managing Partner, Chief Financial Officer
Andrea Gruza, Managing Partner

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