Genesis Capital is a Canadian private equity company with a strategic focus on acquiring profitable traditional companies.

Genesis Capital combines capital and hands-on operational executive experience in a manner that allows us to assess and act on opportunities that will benefit from our active involvement at either the board or day–to–day management level.

We focus on acquiring and growing companies that will benefit from our experience, helping them move to the next level.

Genesis Capital maintains open parameters regarding industries of interest and deal sizes that we will participate in.

Source: Genesis Capital Corporation


Genesis Capital focuses on acquisitions of businesses exhibiting healthy cash flow and a history of profitability. We target investments that will allow us to leverage our experience to help grow the business and improve the bottom line.
In general we seek control of target acquisitions that generate annual EBITDA in the range of $1.0MM to $5.0MM but will consider larger deals in specific industry sectors. We would also entertain smaller deals in the context of a consolidation play or as a complementary acquisition to an existing portfolio company. We are open to acquiring privately owned or publicly traded companies, and are interested in targeting non-core divisions of larger conglomerates.
Genesis Capital will actively seek to partner with other capital providers in circumstances where we bring not only our own capital, but also operational experience and active involvement to the deal.

Source: Genesis Capital Corporation

Industry Focus


Year Founded


Contact Info

8 King St. E
Suite 1210
Toronto, ON
M5C 1B5


Key Personnel

Mr. Robert Wasmund - Co Chief Executive Officer
Ms. Rayman K. Mathoda - Co-Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Paul Massara - President
Ms. Trixy Weiss - Founder and Co Chairman

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