Establishing environmentally sound production is a strategic imperative for the 21st Century economy. Businesses are, in response, finding and creating the conditions necessary to grow their operations without damaging of the environment. They are doing so to,
not only comply with environmental regulations, but to develop solutions that increase productivity, reduce resource consumption, and improve financial performance.
Additionally, adapting to climate change and transitioning to a low carbon economy will be two of the biggest challenges faced by developed and developing economies in the coming years. As a result, significant changes will be required to address the impacts of climate change caused by rapidly increasing greenhouse gas emissions. The transformation of the global economic model to one of responsible production and consumption of resources and energy is driving the development of technologies that represent important investment opportunities for Cycle Capital and its partners.

Source: Cycle Capital Management


Cycle Capital is a pioneer in Canadian Cleantech venture capital fund management investing in companies at the development and commercialization stages in North America and in China. Founded in 2009 by Andrée-Lise Méthot, Founder and Managing Partner, Cycle Capital’s Platform has become an important venture capital investor of the Cleantech industry with its 5 funds totaling almost $0.5B Assets Under Management (AUM). Cycle Capital is looking to invests in promising ventures that are not capital intensive and/or that can benefit from the leverage brought by Cycle Capital extensive network of investors, strategic partners and advisors.

In addition to its core investments, Cycle Capital targets companies with high growth potential – especially those with strong intellectual property, leading edge technologies and with exceptional management talent that would benefit from the firm’s network of strategic industrial partners and expert advisors. With its core investment and business expertise, Cycle Capital plays an active role adding meaningful and tangible value to its portfolio companies at all stages of their life.

In order to effectively evaluate the potential of a technology and to contribute to its deployment, the Cycle Capital deal team utilizes a Value Chain Analysis process that identifies and evaluates multiple factors that will contribute to the venture’s success, including competition, partners, potential acquirers and business models. Other interrelated factors taken into consideration include intellectual property (IP) strategy, the sales cycle, government regulation and policy, compensation/incentive measures, etc. This analysis is a critical step in Cycle Capital extensive due diligence process and best investment practices. For Cycle Capital and its partners, the transformation of the global economic model to one of responsible production and consumption of resources and energy is driving the development of technologies and represents important investment opportunities.

Source: Cycle Capital Management

Industry Focus

Clean Technology and sectorial diversification

Year Founded


Contact Info

1000, Sherbrooke St W, Suite 1610, Montréal, QC, H3A 3G4
also office in Toronto and presence in New York, Seattle and Qingdao (China)


Key Personnel

Andrée-Lise Méthot - Founder and Managing Partner
Amit Srivastava - Senior Partner
Shirley Speakman - Partner
Claude Vachet, Managing Partner

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