At Roynat Equity Partners, we have the vision that enables us to see potential, and the means to act on it. As a premier provider of growth and equity capital, we partner with mid market companies to help them grow, maximize value, and become market leaders.

With committed capital of over $300 million and offices in Toronto, Calgary and Montreal, we have the reach and funding to make deals happen. And our experienced team of investment professionals has the know-how and vision to tailor capital structures that set companies up for success.

We understand that business is dynamic. Every situation is unique, and at Roynat Equity Partners, so is every solution. Roynat draws from a variety of financial instruments to create customized investment solutions. Our approach is flexible, and each solution is designed to suit our clients' needs. Our reputation for agility stems from our ability to implement with speed and efficiency.

Source: Roynat Equity Partners


Every company is unique, and so is each investment. Even though our structure and approach will be customized to your situation, most of our investments have a few things in common.

• Exceptional management who are willing to partner with us to grow the business. They share our passion for excellence, and an unrelenting focus on creating value.
• Significant growth opportunities are evident, either organically or through acquisitions.
• A profitable track record underpins forecasts. Margins are strong, and EBITDA trends are positive.
• Market leadership driven by a strong product or service offering, in a defensible market niche.
• Alignment among stakeholders on investment horizons and the shared goals of growth and value creation.

Source: Roynat Equity Partners

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Scotia Centre, 700
2nd Street SW
Suite 3900
Calgary, AB T2P 2W2


Key Personnel

Mr. Philip Armstrong - President and Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Wray Stannard - Managing Partner
Mr. Randy Chappell - Managing Director of Western Region
Mr. Steven Leakos - Managing Director of Western Region

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