Our vision is to help create profitable, revenue producing businesses. Initial participation in Fibernetics Ventures is through qualifying for our residency program. Qualified businesses will be offered space and all the supporting services they need to execute their business plan, in exchange for equity in their business. Businesses “graduate” out of residence once their net income would provide enough for them to remain cash flow positive if they had to pay for the equivalent services Fibernetics Ventures currently provides.

Fibernetics Ventures is a startup company geared towards creating new start-up companies and helping other companies (startups or otherwise established growth neutral businesses) to optimize their operations and maximize their profitability. There are four different types of companies that Fibernetics Ventures associates itself with:

Seedlings – Internally developed ideas, 100% wholly owned
Start-Ups – Companies of recent inception, who have a business plan in place but have not yet begun operations.
Early Stage – Companies that have passed the true start-up phase, with an established product or service and have existing pilot customers looking to move to a larger scale.
Existing Revenue Producing Companies – Companies that are looking for help to scale and could become strategic partners that can provide key value to our other Venture Partners or could similarly benefit from leveraging the assets of Fibernetics Ventures.

Source: Fibernetics Ventures


Fibernetics Ventures seeks to provide investment for equity in these early stage companies through offsetting key costs (including, but not necessarily limited to the costs) listed above. By contributing towards infrastructure buildout, and leveraging existing human resources, in addition to seed capital as necessary, Fibernetics Ventures eliminates significant costs and time to market for these early stage / start-up companies. We have identified four critical business areas where Fibernetics Ventures actively provides support that these companies require:

IT and technical infrastructure, finance, legal, and marketing.

The interaction between the new companies and Fibernetics Ventures will provide existing Fibernetics Corporation personnel with the opportunity to work on these dynamic projects and provide their expertise to the betterment of the new companies. Their involvement and contributions will be critical in the early stages of getting the new companies to market allowing Fibernetics Corporation personnel to flex their abilities and apply their skills in new ways, outside of their day-to-day responsibilities working on the core product offerings of Fibernetics Corporation.

Source: Fibernetics Ventures

Industry Focus

Telecom and Diversified

Year Founded


Contact Info

605 Boxwood Drive
Cambridge, Ontario
N3E 1A5, Canada


Key Personnel

Jody Schnarr, Managing Partner, CEO
Chris Lehman, Managing Partner
Greg Dalton, Managing Partner

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