We are a FinTech company focused on blockchain technology for insurance and microinsurance.

RISKebiz was founded in 1999 specifically to improve the efficiency of insurance transactions.

Our objective was to use emerging internet protocols such as XML to reduce the extensive paperwork necessary to transact insurance.

Microinsurance, which is insurance characterized by small premiums and claim amounts, is an important risk management tool for the unbanked and uninsured in emerging markets around the world. Billions of individuals around the world do not have access to basic financial services such as banking and insurance. Access to this market has been hindered primarily by transaction costs.

When Bitcoin and its underlying blockchain technology protocol was introduced in 2008, it provided a solution to the challenges of microfinance and microinsurance by offering the ability to significantly reduce transaction costs.

Through the use of blockchain technologies such as smart contracts and multisignature addresses, we have developed cryptocurrency based applications to improve the efficiency and cost effectiveness of microinsurance. Our microinsurance projects also have applications to the broader insurance industry, and have relevance for all types of insurance products both large and small.

Source: RISKebiz


- Private equity fund management in emerging markets;
- Captive insurance company management;
- Capacity building for microfinance institutions;
- Microinsurance programs.


microfinance, private equity, venture capital, microinsurance, microcredit, capacity building, captive insurance, fund management

Source: RISKebiz

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121-280 Nelson Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 2E2

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Kevin G. K. Day - Co-Founder
Michiel Berende - Co-Founder

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