Under the direction of Chairman Terry Matthews, Wesley Clover builds businesses. The focus has been consistent for more than four decades – found or fund successful technology companies, either independently or in partnership with other investors. The model for providing start-ups with a better-than-average chance of success goes beyond lead investment, offering access to experienced resources and mentors, extended portfolio products and intellectual property, lead customer opportunities, and global channel and partner relationships.

Source: Wesley Clover


Independently and together with partners, Wesley Clover invests in a range of technology funds and companies around the world, including within the Alacrity Global fund initiative and the L-SPARK SaaS Accelerator. Examples of some of these technology investments are shown below. Note, companies highlighted with an asterisk (*) have now been acquired. Companies with a double asterisk (**) are now publicly traded.

Source: Wesley Clover

Industry Focus


Year Founded


Contact Info

390 March Road, Suite 110
Ottawa, ON K2K 0G7



Key Personnel

Simon Gibson OBE - Chief Executive Officer and Director
Paul Chiarelli CA - President, Chief Operating Officer, and Director
Terry Matthews - Chairman
Christa Plumley - General Counsel
Don Smith - Partner

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