Chrysalix is one of the longest serving sustainable innovation and alternative energy venture capital firms. We deploy breakthrough innovations, engineering and business solutions to large industries in transition: oil and gas, power and utilities, chemicals and materials, mining and metals, automation and manufacturing.

We are proven company builders and matchmakers with deep energy industry expertise. Chrysalix provides early-stage financing, hands-on support and strategic connections to innovation companies developing game-changing technologies that will drive the multi-trillion dollar new energy economy.

With three funds and 14 years of experience, Chrysalix has adapted the traditional venture capital model to successfully tackle resource productivity, industrial process efficiency and sustainable innovation. Our differentiated approach engages closely with large industrials to source transformational external innovation and complement internal R&D programs. The goal is to help large industrials create an advantage through innovation by building a broad portfolio of technology options that can both provide strategic flexibility and move the economic needle, in a way that minimizes cost and risk.

Source: Chrysalix


Chrysalix global investor base includes blue chip oil and gas companies, chemical companies, electric utilities and financial institutions.

Through a close engagement with our Limited Partners, we help identify pain points in their industry where new step change solutions would be commercially highly significant. Chrysalix plays a matchmaking role facilitating introductions to potential customers and partners.

Seeing up to 1,000 opportunities each year, Chrysalix offers a broad strategic window on emerging innovation that can solve problems that matter including sustaining existing business models, exploiting new growth opportunities and recognizing potential disruption.

Source: Chrysalix

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Suite 2480 - 1055 West Georgia St.
Box 11102, Vancouver, BC V6E 3P3


Key Personnel

Wal Van Lierop, Executive Chairman and Founding Partner
Richard Mackellar, Managing Partner
Fred Van Beuningen, Managing Partner

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