Before becoming partners and founding Entrepreneur Capital, Guy Bessette and Eric Doyon established successful track records as senior executives and shareholders at private medium-sized companies. They truly know what growth management and risk taking is all about, as well as the realities of the day-to-day highs and lows of an SME. The partners also have extensive experience in setting up and executing complex transactions, whether mergers and acquisitions or buyouts. Over the past few years, Guy and Eric have been working as a team and realized 8 transactions with an aggregate value in excess of $220 million.

Entrepreneur Capital primarily works with entrepreneurs or senior executives who are seeking to become shareholders. We are looking for well-managed companies with an operating income (EBITDA) of $3 to $8 million and a potential for growth whether organic or through acquisitions. We can team up with the entrepreneurs in place, members of the existing management team, or external senior executives from our extensive network of contacts.

Finding the right partner doesn’t mean simply finding a source of capital; sharing common values among partners is just as important in order to successfully complete a transaction, manage the transition and create a long-term partnership.

Source: Entrepreneur Capital


We are looking for well-established, profitable companies positioned as, or with the potential to become, a leader in their sectors. We have a particular interest in companies in sectors said to be traditional with an EBITDA ranging from $3 to $8 million. We do not invest in start-ups, real estate, natural resources or sectors with long product-development cycles such as biotech firms or products with short life cycles such as consumer electronics.

By offering you long-term capital growth objectives along with payments to generate current returns, Entrepreneur Capital’s investment opportunities are highly attractive.

If you are an investor, you know that the uncertainty of the financial markets and the low yields offered by the bond market combine to make private equity investments an attractive option for your portfolio. In this context, Entrepreneur Capital becomes a precious ally by acquiring companies with sound prospects and giving private and institutional investors the opportunity to access the SME market, which offers the highest growth potential.

Source: Entrepreneur Capital

Industry Focus

Healthcare and Diversified

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600 De Maisonneuve West, Suite 1700
Montréal, Quebec
H3A 3J2


Key Personnel

Guy Bessette, Partner
Eric Doyon, Partner
André La Forge, Partner

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