Hawthorn Equity Partners is a leading middle market private equity firm launched in 2005.
Hawthorn was formerly known as "Genuity Capital Partners" until its rebranding in 2013.

By integrating our multiple skills and experience, we have invested across a range of industries, investment types, company development stages and economic cycles to build successful companies. Notably, we specialize in complicated situations with companies that require growth and expansion capital, recapitalizations, brand revitalizations, intergenerational transfers, restructuring, bankruptcy transactions, carve-outs and industry consolidations.

We are also capable of making larger investments by leveraging our deep relationships with strategic co-investors. Our focus and proven experience in implementing situation specific governance gives us the flexibility to invest in controlling as well as structured minority transactions.

Our long history of forming enduring partnerships and track record of successful investing is what gives us the advantage. Our proactive, collaborative and creative approach is what makes us successful.

Source: Hawthorn Equity Partners


Hawthorn has a defined and proactive strategy to source proprietary investments and a results-driven management process to ensure opportunities are maximized.

We focus on investing in growth-oriented, middle market companies based in North America that are in the process of building and evolving their companies.

We value companies that have sustainable Competitive Advantages – these companies demonstrate unique processes, proprietary knowledge, business practices or intellectual property which creates a protected niche market position. We call these companies knowledge-based businesses: where value is derived primarily from intellectual capabilities rather than physical assets.

That's our sweet spot, and it's why we strive to partner with, and augment, management teams in a transitional phase, those that have successfully leveraged their defined Competitive Advantages – as evidenced by their market leadership and robust financials relative to industry peers.

By building on our three strengths – being proactive, building collaborative partnerships with management teams and our ability to think creatively we maximize the advantage of these types of businesses and ultimately our investors.

Source: Hawthorn Equity Partners

Industry Focus

Mobile and Software

Year Founded


Contact Info

333 Bay Street
Bay Adelaide Centre
Suite 1640
Toronto, M5H 2R2

T (312) 277 4010


Key Personnel

Mr. Christopher E. M. Payne - Managing Partner and Chief Executive Officer
Mr. John W. Tomes - Senior Partner
Eric Ceresnie, Partner

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