Our role is simply to amplify it. To help you get to the next stage: Product-Market Fit. You know your business better than we ever will. We know what is likely to get you closer to PMF and what is likely to lead you astray; to vanity metrics and fake growth. That’s what we’re good at. Bring us what you’re good at. Maybe we can be good at things together.

Source: Mistral Venture Partners


Where founders share real stories about what it takes to go from 0 to product market fit. These are not biographies. They aren’t promotional narratives about how companies were built. They’re very specific, detailed stories with real examples you can use.

Source: Mistral Venture Partners

Industry Focus

Enterprise Software, AI for Enterprise, Marketplaces

Year Founded


Contact Info

Ottawa, ON


Key Personnel

Code Cubitt, Managing Director
Bernie Zeisig, Managing Partner
Pablo Srugo, Venture Partner

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