Since 2007, we've built Real Ventures for founders first. We've worked on many deals, met many entrepreneurs and investors and we've come to believe in things that should and should not happen.

There are the things you can count on us to do and to not do. Think of them as our promises to you.

Source: Real Ventures


We're a team, so you get access to one

One partner will work most closely with you, but you'll always get access to every single one of us. Our team is 16 strong and we're here to help.

We're not money managers
We're builders, not bankers. We built our reputation helping scale companies and tech. We've founded companies, grown teams, led IPOs and contributed to software that's affected people on five continents.

Our network is your network
Whether you're looking for new clients, employees, suppliers, partners or investors, it's very likely we can help. Our network runs deep and it's all yours.

We don't follow the herd
We're not ones for group think. We speak our mind, take big risks and stand by our beliefs. But sometimes we still have to say no.

We'll be around when the running gets tough.
We get it, we've been in your shoes. We've lived the struggle. When you need to chat and don't know where to turn, just give us a call.

Your success is our success
We know all too well that we'll only win if you win. As such, we're always working to ensure that our interests are aligned.

Source: Real Ventures

Industry Focus


Year Founded


Contact Info

MaRS Centre, Heritage Building
101 College Street, Suite 120G.
Toronto, Ontario M5G 1L7 Canada


Key Personnel

Jean-Sebastian Cournoyer - Partner
Alan MacIntosh - Partner and Co-Founder
John Stokes - Founding Partner
Mark McDowell - Venture Partner

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