A Biotech Venture Capital Leader

Based in Montréal, CTI Life Sciences, a Canadian venture firm makes venture capital investments in high quality emerging life sciences companies at the pre-clinical and clinical development stage in Canada and in the U.S. CTI Life Sciences currently manage $245 million of assets.

Source: CTI Life Sciences


Out of the four inflection points indicated in the figure below, the Fund’s strategy will be to focus on two key junctures in the pharmaceutical development process highlighted in color namely and primarily: from Pre-clinical to Proof-of-Concept and secondarily on Proof-of-Concept to Phase III.

This strategy is based upon the following observations:

Large Pharmaceuticals
They constantly need new products to grow to meet financial expectations

Small Biotechs
They continue to be the main source of new ideas and innovations in the industry

Product company focused investments have proven historically to be attractive

Return on Investment
To consider an investment, there needs to be a favorable risk/reward profile ratio

Source: CTI Life Sciences

Industry Focus


Year Founded


Contact Info

1, Place Ville-Marie
Bureau 1050
Montreal, QC H3B 4S6


Key Personnel

Mr. Jean-François Leprince - Managing Partner
Dr. Shermaine Tilley Ph.D., MBA - Managing Partner
Mr. Ken Pastor - General Partner and Co- Founder
Laurence Rulleau - Partner

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