Round 13 Capital is a venture capital firm specializing startups, early stage, later stage, and companies with proven market demand. The firm seeks to invest in technology and digital sector in Canada. Round 13 Capital is based in Ontario, Canada.

Source: Round 13 Capital


Strategy – where you are now is not likely where you’ll stay. We’ll be there to help with planning the major shift and refinements in your corporate development.

Marketing & Sales – we recognize that not every company is a marketing & sales machine. We have top-notch marketing and sales expertise to help you become one.
Network – our network is your network. We have vast connections to best-in-class vendors and sales prospects.

Recruitment – it’s likely you’ll need to expand your team and shepherd your culture. Getting this right is one of the toughest challenges. We can help.

Operations – as the company grows, so too will its need to become more infrastructurally solid. We have deep expertise with financial, legal and systems evolution.
Follow-on Funding – it’s entirely possible that another round of investment could be required. We’re in a position to provide follow-on capital or develop and lead syndicates.

Source: Round 13 Capital

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100 Broadview Avenue, Suite #300
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M4M 3H3


Key Personnel

Bruce Croxon - Managing Partner
Craig Strong - Partner

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