Inerjys is a global investment company challenging the status quo in the clean technology sector.

We are committed to reversing the effects of climate change and lowering carbon emissions, by facilitating the adoption of renewable energy. Inerjys invests in technologies that are easy to deploy globally, contribute in making clean energy widely available and accessible, and which can substantially reduce the cost of renewable energy.

We are breaking down barriers to make renewable energy affordable and abundant. Inerjys is creating a tipping point by which the adoption rate of clean energy will grow exponentially, and energy consumption rate from dirtier sources will plummet.

Source: Inerjys Ventures


Our unique hybrid investment model focuses on building a bridge of commercialization between our portfolio companies, and the renewable energy projects that we finance.

Inerjys invests in both companies with great innovations substantially reducing the cost of green energy, and in renewable energy projects. We affect the commercialization process of the product companies by giving them the references they need to implement their technologies in renewable energy projects, and by providing them with strategic partnerships to scale organically. Our team is deeply involved in the daily activities of the companies in which we invest.

We devote our time, expertise and network to ensure that our companies grow sustainably, without relying on heavy subsidies. We look for companies with cost-efficient technologies, and a strong business plan. These companies are commercial, or close to commercialization, with a compelling management team, proprietary technology or service, and address a significant market opportunity.

Source: Inerjys Ventures

Industry Focus


Year Founded


Contact Info

457 Rue Saint Pierre
Montréal, QC, H2Y 2M8


Key Personnel

Stephan Ouaknine, Managing Partner
Dave Furneaux, Partner
Mickael Kanfi, COO
Maya Hassa, Associate
Jordan Kasarjian, Associate
Madeleine Bienvenu, Analyst

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