Celtic House Venture Partners is an independent Canadian investment firm. Since 1994, Celtic House has been one of Canada’s most active investors in technology and innovation. Celtic House has collaborated with management teams and repeat entrepreneurs to develop technology companies from the inception phase through to exit, generating 25 initial public offerings and successful acquisitions. From offices in Toronto and Ottawa, Celtic House manages in excess of $425 million across three funds.

Source: Celtic House Venture Partners


Celtic House is focused on early-stage investment
opportunities in Media Communications Technology
(MCT). Existing internet infrastructure is being
taxed by consumer-facing digital media and mobility
services that are changing the nature of social interaction
and media consumption. MCT is, in essence, a
continuous rebuild of the internet to satisfy the
demands of both digital media and mobility.
This change is driving the need for rapid developments
in consumer electronics, along with the cloud computing
infrastructure required to support their functionality.
It offers considerable opportunities for the emergence of new, billion-dollar markets and aligns well with
world-leading technical skills that are found in Canada
but that are, to a large extent, undercapitalized. Celtic
House does not invest in digital media applications
directly, but rather in the MCT infrastructure that
enables them.

Source: Celtic House Venture Partners

Industry Focus

Technology and Diversified

Year Founded


Contact Info

MaRS Centre, Heritage Building
101 College Street, Suite 155
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5G 1L7


Key Personnel

Roger Maggs, Founder
David Adderley, Partner
Tomas Valis, Partner
Julie Fallon, CFO

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