Lex Capital Management Inc. is a private equity and venture capital firm specializing in startup, early to mid-stage companies, recapitalization, multi sector management buyout, seed, growth capital and acquisition financing.

The firm typically invests in resource opportunities in the energy sector including high growth and scalable upstream oil and gas or liquids-rich natural gas prospects, oil and gas drilling, oil and gas exploration and development, agriculture, manufacturing, and processing.

It also invests in real estate, wholesale distribution, technology, energy equipment and service sectors, alternative energy and natural resource sectors. It primarily makes investments in Canada with a focus on Western Canada region including Southeast Saskatchewan and Sedimentary Basin. It invests between CAD$1 million ($1.03 million) to CAD$15 million ($11.47 million).

The firm may also participate in privately negotiated transactions or in private placements of public companies, open-market purchases of early stage public companies, does not get involved in day-to-day management, but will takes up board representation. It typically seeks ownership positions of 5 percent to 25 percent. The investment horizon is between two to six years. Lex Capital Management Inc. is based in Regina, Canada.

Source: Lex Capital Management


• Proven management track record and historical value creation for shareholders;
• Strong independent board of directors;
• Alignment of company and shareholder interests;
• Significant investments by both management and the board;
• High growth and scalable oil and/or liquids-rich natural gas prospects;
• Competitive land position; and,
• Attractive entry point and a well-defined exit strategy.

Source: Lex Capital Management

Industry Focus


Year Founded


Contact Info

2530 Sandra Schmirler Way
Regina, SK S4W 0M7


Key Personnel

Mr. E. Craig Lothian - President and Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Curtis Armstrong CFA - Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Dean Popil CFA - Chief Investment Officer
Ms. Sally Nameth – Controller

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