High Park Capital was established in September 2011 to identify a company where the owner is looking to transition or to partner with a long-term capital provider for the next stage of growth.

High Park Capital’s team has experience making long-term investments in private Canadian companies and is augmented by an investor group which includes successful entrepreneurs, industry executives and private company investors. The investor group brings significant experience, resources, and networks and has the objective of forming a high-quality Board of Directors for the appropriate company.

We are dedicated to sustaining and ultimately growing the company for the long term, and give special attention to employees and other stakeholders during our acquisition process. We are also entrepreneurs, and we understand the importance of balancing business objectives with personal considerations.

Source: High Park Capital Partners


High Park Capital is actively seeking to invest in one small-medum size services business with operations based in Canada. Since we seek a majority position and participation in management responsibilities in the company we are looking to partner with, we are an ideal solution for an owner looking to transition or one who is looking to partner with a long-term capital provider for the next stage of growth.

Source: High Park Capital Partners

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51 Wolseley St,
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Adrian Bartha, Managing Partner
Josh LeBrun, Managing Partner

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