For almost 30 years, the people at Signal Hill have invested in – and grown – exceptional companies in Canada. We have assembled a team of experienced operators who think and act like entrepreneurs and are singularly focused on creating long-term value.

Source: Signal Hill Equity Partners


Signal Hill realizes that focus and perseverance are critical components to building a successful company and we stand shoulder to shoulder with our partners, helping them to not only overcome obstacles, but to thrive.

Long-term Focus
Signal Hill takes a long-term approach to investing. We build enduring companies that dominate a niche, putting the full weight of our organization behind them to drive growth and operational improvements. It takes two to three years to understand the key drivers of a business – that’s usually when most PE firms look to sell. Signal Hill has access to very long term equity and has owned some of the investments in our portfolio for more than 10 years.

Unparalleled Operational Support
Building a business often requires specialized expertise to help with strategic planning, marketing, supply chain management, computer systems, manufacturing issues and more.

In addition to our investment team, we have a dedicated portfolio support team, the Signal Hill Operational Improvement Team. This team includes engineers, accountants, a human resource specialist and in-house legal counsel, who all work with our partners, when asked, so that the management team can focus on running and growing their business.

Source: Signal Hill Equity Partners

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Year Founded


Contact Info

Signal Hill Equity Partners
2 Carlton Street, Suite 1700
Toronto, ON M5B 1J3


Key Personnel

Patrick W.A. Handreke, Chairman
James C. Johnson, Managing Partner
Artur Hausz - Senior Vice President

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