Our team of experienced venture capital investors is intimately acquainted with the FinTech market. Our founding team invested together while at RBC Venture Partners for over a decade. In late 2014, we purchased the remaining companies in that portfolio, with support of leading institutional investors to create our first independent fund. In January 2016, we raised our second fund.

Our philosophy is as straightforward as our strategy – identify disruptive, game-changing opportunities and the entrepreneurs with the passion to make them a reality, and lend our resources and expertise towards that goal every step of the way. We don’t chase trends. We don’t care if what you’re doing is “sexy” – we just care that it will make a difference to the global businesses that you serve.

Source: Information Venture Partners


We understand that building a world class software company is a marathon, not a sprint.
And we know that when times get tough and the roadblocks start to build up, a strong and knowledgeable investor makes all the difference. We work with our investee companies through each journey from start to finish making sure we hit every metric and milestone on the route to a successful exit – together.

We believe that our approach enables us to deliver better returns for our stakeholders.

Source: Information Venture Partners

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1 University Avenue,
Suite 1901
Toronto, ON M5J 2P1


Key Personnel

David Unsworth, General Partner and Co-Founder
Kerri Golden, Partner and Chief Financial Officer
Robert Antoniades, General Partner and Co-Founder

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