We are a partnership based on trust and that came together to acquire businesses generating EBITDA of less than $2 million.

Our approach reflects a blend of operational and financial expertise as we work with accomplished business professionals who play important roles in leading or supporting management teams and evaluating transactions. Our experience spans a variety of industrial, commercial and consumer sectors, and we are particularly focussed on the strategic attractiveness of companies and their industries. Equally important to us is the quality of businesses’ customer and supplier relationships and conviction of their staff.

Our sources of equity include our own money as we function as principals and not primarily as managers of other people’s capital. We offer the stability of long-term ownership and business engagement.

We bring an unusually high degree of deal-structuring knowledge to the table which we believe can help address a number of transition, succession and liquidity needs that you might be facing. This background is supplemented by a vast reservoir of entrepreneurial experience and operating and investing skills in our Advisory Council. Collectively, these people have launched numerous successful businesses, acquired or invested in many others, and have managed large numbers of people and resources across the economy.

Source: Fredette, Nash & Co. Inc.


First, we will work hard to structure a transaction that makes sense for you and us. While we seek sensible investments, we also want vendors to feel they participate in successful negotiations.
Second, extensive backgrounds in strategic planning and financial management have trained us to assess the shareholder-value impacts of business decisions. Combined, we have 50 years of working closely with managers across industries and jurisdictions. We have helped companies navigate their ways through many complicated situations and can offer insightful perspectives from these experiences.

Our expertise and ability to work with people help release value for business owners and create additional value in partnership with managers and their employees.

We’re looking for:
• industries that have a future;
• established businesses with capable senior managers and histories of profitability;
• operations domiciled in Quebec or Ontario;
• operating cash flow (or EBITDA) of less than $5 million;
• positive cash flow across the business cycle;
• enterprises that deliver products or services that customers need;
• definable growth opportunities; and
• advantaged positions vis-à-vis competitors.

Source: Fredette, Nash & Co. Inc.

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Edward Nash
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