Tactico is a venture capital firm that offers a hands-on approach to investing seed capital in startups and entities in transition. We offer strategic guidance, mentoring, shared services and direct involvement in the venture.

Our managing directors have proven track records as registered executives at highly regulated firms. They have extensive experience building and operating successful businesses and navigating dynamic corporate climates. With a wealth of experience in financial services, technology, operations, sales and executive management, we are particularly familiar with the global financial landscape.

In addition to providing capital, Tactico’s partners offer to assist business stakeholders improve future strategic direction of the company. Depending on the need, Tactico can offer shared resources and access to skilled professionals to create value and drive business growth.

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Tactico invests in small private companies primarily within the financial sector, but will opportunistically invest in other sectors as well. Tactico offers access to venture capital opportunities through targeted special purpose vehicles (SPV's). This customized approach includes a careful selection process, proper due diligence, and the management of investment exits. With Tactico, you get sage and savvy investment strategy built for growth and success, supervised by executives with experience and their own capital at stake, accredited investors now have the opportunity to invest alongside our original partners through our platform.

Source: Tactico

Industry Focus


Year Founded


Contact Info

486 RUE St-Catherine O
Suite 409
Montréal Québec H3B1A6


Key Personnel

Richard Ness Founder
Liam Cheung - Founder
Phillipe Leroux - Partner & Legal Council
Maria Kotsoros - Financial Controller
Tahnya Baloukas - Senior Associate

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