We are an investment firm focused on the mid market in Canada. We look to acquire majority interest in established businesses where owners may be transitioning into retirement. Alternatively, in select circumstances, we provide growth capital to allow current owners to accelerate the growth of their companies.
We manage capital on behalf of select high net worth individuals, and invest our own capital on every transaction. We are equity investors but can creatively structure our investment in the form of debt or other types of securities to fit the situation. We are structured as patient capital and we are able to hold and grow investments indefinitely.
We are active. We think and act like principals. We advise owners/ operators on strategic issues and how to finance and grow their businesses. We seek to add value to our investments from the initial structuring of the investment through to our eventual exit.
Our philosophy is that we succeed when our partners succeed.

Source : Bingley Capital


Canadian Mid-Market:
There are over 8,000 mid-market companies in Canada that generate a minimum of $10 million of revenue, primarily based in Ontario and Quebec. Predominantly private, the average mid-market company has been in business for 39 years; and with many founders moving into retirement age, succession has become one of their top concerns.

Managing succession, either inter-generational or management buy-out, is mired by the lack of capital. We facilitate an orderly transition from a founder and their business to new owners and management. We are flexible to the exit needs of the founder and are long term focused, with a goal of taking the business to the "next level".
Growth Capital
Accessing capital for growth is a key constraint for mid market companies. Banks can be overly restrictive, and equity providers can be overly dilutive. We can structure solutions for owners that address multiple issues including control, dilution and valuation. We structure, align, advise and participate with founders to ensure success for both the company and our investors.

Active Management:
We focus on building long term value in our companies. We are active investors, focused on operational improvement and working with management to achieve operational and financial success. We bring experience, knowledge and people to drive results for our investors and other stakeholders. We think and act like principals.

Advisory Services:
We have extensive experience with a wide variety of transactions and have combined expertise in corporate finance, valuations and operational management. We use our experience and skills for both our investments and in select cases, for clients. We have assisted many clients address both strategic and financial situations.

Long Term and Patient:
Our investors are entrepreneurs, high net worth investors and family offices who understand the importance of patient capital in the mid market. We invest on a deal by deal basis, and structure our investments to fit the needs of our investors, management and the company.

Source : Bingley Capital

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