Founded in January 2006
$670 million raised since inception
Currently managing investments in Fund VII and Fund VIII ($300 million and $22 million private strategies) and Public Opportunities Fund I ($51 million public strategy)
Three managing partners – total of nine team members with a cross section of backgrounds – business, geology, accounting, legal and finance
Focused on investments in start-up and early-stage oil and gas exploration and production companies in Canada, mainly in the private domain
Investment focus on multiples of return over a three to seven year time horizon
Preference for larger investments in a limited number of companies with board representation
Investment size of $5 million to $75 million
Over 45 investments made to date, over 80% of which were/are private companies

Source: Annapolis Capital


Annapolis’ mandate is to generate above average risk adjusted returns in the medium to long term from investments made in the Canadian oil and gas sector. Annapolis' focus is on investments in start-up and early-stage exploration and production companies, primarily in the private domain.Within the broader context of oil and gas equities, Annapolis believes that stronger returns can be found within the private-company sector, where some of the best and most cost effective teams in the industry operate.Many highly expertised teams prefer to be private where they can focus on maximizing long-term value. Accordingly, Annapolis invests in this more exclusive private market where a major pool of talent resides, where access to capital is restricted and where private equity funds, like Annapolis, are the preferred source of funding. That said, Annapolis has, and will continue to make investments in publicly traded companies that otherwise meet its investment criteria.

Source: Annapolis Capital

Industry Focus


Year Founded


Contact Info

Suite 2530
140 – 4 Avenue SW
Calgary, AB, Canada T2P 3N3


Key Personnel

Peter Williams Managing Partner, CEO
Jody Forsyth Managing Partner
Mark Poelzer Managing Partner, CFO

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