We’re Only As
Good As Those We Enable
At our core, we too are entrepreneurs and recognize that human capital is our most precious resource. We’re committed to our founders and we help them navigate and architect their vision.

We help with hires. We help with strategy. We help with creative M&A. Most importantly, we help with community.

Source: McRock Capital


When looking for the most innovative minds and ideas, we embrace differences. When genders, backgrounds and ethnicities don’t matter, you end up with phenomenal talent. Most of all, we look for passionate people with whom we can collaboratively build the next wave of industrial innovation

We’re dedicated entirely to unearthing and supporting founders looking to upend
the Industrial IoT. Our small size makes us agile in term of seizing opportunities and
flexible when it comes to funding promising founders and transacting creatively.

We look for domain expertise in our founders, as well as a proven revenue stream
in their businesses.

Source: McRock Capital

Industry Focus

Sensors & Software, Large Industrial Markets

Year Founded


Contact Info

219 Dufferin Street, Suite 303B​,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M6K 3J1


Key Personnel

Scott MacDonald, Co-founder and Managing Director
Whitney Rockley, Co-founder and Managing Director
Udit Bhatnagar, Vice President

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