Sarona is a young company, but we have a rich history. We trace our roots back to 1953 when a group of business people formed a private investment company to invest in the Sarona Dairy in South America.

The Sarona Dairy investment was different from other investments. It aimed to generate financial returns, but it was meant to do more than that. The investment was intended to stimulate the development of the struggling local economy. This combination of sound investment principles and social values paid off. The community flourished and the investment itself ultimately spawned an industry that served 70% of Paraguay’s dairy market.

Source: Sarona Asset Management


Sarona is a private investment firm, deploying growth capital to expansion-stage companies in frontier and emerging markets. Through our primary strategy of investing in local funds, we seek to build companies that deliver high risk-adjusted returns while promoting positive ethical, social and environmental values. We aim to carefully select only those local managers who are able to demonstrate that they add real strategic and operational value to the companies they invest in. With the right partners and strategy, growing highly successful and profitable companies can have a significant developmental impact. This is what drives us: building a diversified portfolio of funds and companies to deliver Growth that Matters.

Source: Sarona Asset Management

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55 Victoria Street North, Unit K
Kitchener, ON N2H 5B7


Key Personnel

Gerhard Pries, CEO & Managing Partner
Vivina Berla, Co-Managing Partner
Serge LeVert-Chiasson, Senior Partner, Managing Director, Operations & CCO

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