Killick Capital is a private equity Investment firm headquartered in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador. Killick Capital Invests in a broad range of companies, providing capital for expansion, acquisition financing and restructuring for primarily two target segments: Atlantic Canadian businesses and Global Aerospace businesses – sectors identified as having strong industry fundamentals. Killick Capital seeks to identify companies which have the promise to take their business to the next level. Whether it is the introduction of new products, expansion into a new market, market penetration or a strategic acquisition, we believe that access to the right capital partner can be the determining factor for success.

As Investors, our philosophy is to not only provide financial support, but to provide valuable industry, strategic and business development expertise to ensure the success of our portfolio companies. Our aim is to contribute to long-term value creation and capital appreciation. We at Killick Capital have a passion for helping to build growing and successful companies. That’s where Killick Capital adds value.

Killick Capital’s primary objective is to partner with experienced and entrepreneurial management teams of companies with leading market positions, to create strategic value in their respective markets and promoting strong growth and margins. We will work closely with our management partners providing strategic guidance to help companies capitalize on their business opportunities.

Killick Capital will provide proactive governance through the board of directors but the responsibility of day-to-day operations will remain with the incumbent management team.
Killick Capital pursues Investments that are undervalued, yet fundamentally solid and have potential for underlying growth.

Our focus is on companies that have a strong competitive advantage, with the capability of leveraging access to growth capital and business expertise. With Killick Capital, these companies will experience growth, success and value-creation for all stakeholders.

Source: Killick Capital


Target Investments in areas where Killick Capital Inc. has specific industry experience - Atlantic Canada businesses and Global Aerospace businesses:

Invest in private, established companies which demonstrate financial strength
Investments with significant growth potential
Strong market position and customer franchise
Competitive advantage/proprietary product or technology
Strong leadership and management team

Exit strategies readily identifiable

Source: Killick Capital

Industry Focus


Year Founded


Contact Info

95 Water Street
2nd Floor
Stn C
P.O. Box 5383
St. John's, NF A1C 5W2


Key Personnel

Mr. Mark D. Dobbin - Founder and President
Mr. Tom Williams - Vice President of Investments
Mr. Joe McKenna, Partner & Chief Financial Officer
Ms. Valerie Ball, Senior Financial Analyst
Ms. Ciara Kearney, Office Manager

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