Founded in 1996, Granite Partners is a Canadian private equity firm that targets profitable, well-managed, mid-market manufacturing and service companies with sales in the $10 million – $100 million range.
Granite is different from a traditional private equity firm. It is not an institutional fund and doesn’t have any specific investment time horizons. Rather, its capital belongs to its partners and investors: high-net-worth individuals who have made their fortunes in business. Granite Partners thinks like business owners because it is made up of business owners and operators.
Without the bureaucracy imposed by institutional investors, Granite is able to react much more quickly than its institutionally-backed competitors. Enhancing its provided capital, Granite Partners brings transformative strategic advice to propel good mid-market businesses to become industry leaders.

Source: Granite Partners


Granite Partners has experience in investing in a wide range of industries, including aerospace, insurance services, food and ingredients, feature film and television production services and event rentals, among others.

Entrepreneur Partners
Granite is always on the lookout for Canadian investment opportunities. Its target partners are entrepreneurs who wish to liquefy some of the wealth tied up in their business and transfer some of the risk to Granite. They continue to run their business and maintain a significant ownership position. Granite serves to add its significant resources to grow the business, both organically and via strategic acquisitions. Additionally, the firm provides operational, strategic and financial support.

Management Buy-Out Partners
Granite also targets management buy-out opportunities where core management teams have the opportunity, talent, and drive — but not the capital — to acquire the business from the current owner(s).

Source: Granite Partners

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20 Eglinton Ave. W,
Suite 1501,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada,
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Doug Buchanan, Managing Director

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