Who we are
A world class team with decades of experience building, scaling, and exiting companies across multiple industries.

What we look for

Ground-breaking technology companies looking to make an impact on their industry and the world we live in.

How we invest

We partner closely with our portfolio companies, providing capital, strategy, and a wealth of experience at every point in a startup’s journey.

Our unique framework for support includes proven domain expertise, operational experience, and an extensive network of seasoned leaders across multiple industries. Our focus is on innovative technology companies with the potential to disrupt their respective markets. Like our current portfolio of companies, we seek companies that have scalable and efficient business models.

Source: Trellis Capital Corporation


We believe that innovative, high growth potential companies can thrive with our support. with strong value proposition solving an important problem:

Proprietary or patented innovation
Revenue of approximately $5 million
Scalable and capital efficient business models that can transform industries globally
Our hands-on approach to cultivating successful growth requires that companies have their headquarters in and around Ontario.

We expect returns of 5 to 10X invested capital over 3-5 years.

Source: Trellis Capital Corporation

Industry Focus


Year Founded


Contact Info

333 Wilson Avenue
Suite 600
Toronto, ON M3H 1T2


Key Personnel

Mr. Sunil Selby - Founder and Managing Partner
Mr. Dominic Talalla - Managing Partner

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