Trellis Capital Corporation is a venture capital firm specializing in early stage, mid stage and growth capital investments. The firm seeks to invest in technology sector.

Within technology, it seeks to invest in information technology infrastructure (hardware and software), industrial technologies, advanced & specialty materials, cleantech, semi-conductors, robotics, technological innovations within traditional industries, industrial, manufacturing, alternative energy, and material technology sectors and companies having proprietary technology. It typically invests in small to mid-sized Canadian companies. The firm prefers to invest in Canadian companies headquartered around Greater Toronto Area.

It typically invests between CAD $500,000 ($0.50 million) and CAD $2 million ($2.01 million). It can invest more in certain cases. It seeks a board seat with majority or minority ownership in the portfolios. It makes investments in the form of equity related security, from pure equity to debt with equity in its portfolio companies. It provides capital, expertise and a network of contacts to the companies, as well as assists their expansion into India if the opportunity exists

Source: Trellis Capital Corporation


Business Model: Highly Scalable and Capital Efficient
Trellis looks to invest in companies with highly scalable and capital efficient business models that have the potential to transform industries on a global scale.

Geographic Location: Ontario, Canada
Companies with headquarters located in Ontario

Ownership: Typically Minority
Every attempt is made to ensure that founders/management retain enough stakes in their business to keep them motivated.

Instrument: Equity to Sub-Debt with Equity
The instrument is customized to suit each investee company’s stage and requirement. As a result, investments are made by way of any equity-related security, from pure equity to sub-debt with equity.

Involvement: Board Position to Operational Involvement
In addition to Board participation, Trellis’s involvement ranges from opening doors to customers/channel partners to filling in gaps in the executive team if and when necessary and mutually agreed upon.

Return Expectations: 5 – 10 x Capital Invested
Trellis invests in companies it believes will be able to deliver returns of 5 to 10 times the invested capital over 3 to 5 years.

Source: Trellis Capital Corporation

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Year Founded


Contact Info

333 Wilson Avenue
Suite 600
Toronto, ON M3H 1T2


Key Personnel

Mr. Sunil Selby - Founder and Managing Partner
Mr. Dominic Talalla - Managing Partner

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