Hardy Capital is an investment firm established to foster the growth of young businesses. With a history of international transactions including; acquisitions throughout Northern Europe (Sweden, Holland, Germany and the UK), the United States and Asia (Japan, Singapore). Public company listings on the OMX: Europe, TSX: Canada and the NASDAQ: USA. Along with both public and private financing throughout Europe, Asia, and North America.

With significant assets, our mission is to help build and grow businesses that have the potential to achieve market leading positions primarily in the consumer space. We are especially interested in businesses that are disruptive to large very profitable incumbent monopolies and use new technology to improve customer experiences. With acute interest in transactions focused on Optical, Fin-tech, Real estate and Insurance disruption. We understand and can support businesses by helping them navigate the complex nature of growth in the global marketplace and fast-track the company to the right investor or mentor groups.

Hardy Capital seeks returns through equity or debt investments in hyper-growth companies and real estate projects. We also look to identify undervalued companies that may have been missed by larger investors where an unmet need or opportunity exists. We add value to help the company realize its full valuation potential by contributing our experience and vast network of quality experienced relationships. Capital markets in small and micro-cap stocks are “imperfect” at best, and helping smaller undervalued companies get noticed is what we do best.

We have proven expertise in starting, financing, growing and vending several businesses; including building a company from start-up to a NASDAQ listing and cash sale of over $450M in a short time as entrepreneurs. Because we are entrepreneurs at heart, we have a unique ability to add value and create a win-win strategy to help grow a business. We are interested in eCommerce and direct to consumer models where we have considerable experience and can hope to accelerate growth.

We believe founders build great businesses and we believe in partnering and adding value to ensure your business reaches its true potential while helping you avoid many of the missteps that are so easy to make. Many people have Capital, it's not all smart money.

The deal size is between $500,000 and $5 million, with our largest minority investments to date being approximately $15 million and $20 million respectively. Our largest exit to date was $450 million for our controlling stake in Coastal.com.

Source: Hardy Capital Partners


Hardy Capital makes significant investments in established, well-run companies with a proven track record of success and a sustainable competitive advantage. We have experience in a broad range of industries, including the service, manufacturing and distribution sectors.

Our investments take the form of equity, debt or convertible debt that can be used to finance a transaction (e.g. management buy-outs and corporate divestitures) or to fund growth opportunities. We invest from our own Evergreen fund which has current assets of approximately $250M.

We are seeking to make investments in companies 3 years operating history and earnings/EBITDA in the range of $5M to $100M, or higher in certain circumstances. We are also interested in opportunities below this size range if they are a potential strategic fit with one of our existing portfolio companies or experiencing explosive growth.

Hardy Capital is unique in that we run our own money, so we do not have a mandated timeframe for each investment. That said, we have found that most investments span 4 to 7 years. We believe that the best way to maximize the value of our investments is to position each company for continued success well beyond our typical investment horizon. Therefore, we focus on sustainable, long-term achievements rather than short-term financial gains.

Source: Hardy Capital Partners

Industry Focus

E-Commerce and Technology

Year Founded


Contact Info

510 Seymour St., Suite 1020
Vancouver, BC V6B 3J5


Key Personnel

Nick Bozikis – Partner
Roger Hardy - Chairman
Monica Takeno - Executive Assistant
Riana Zietsman - Portfolio Manager

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