Entrepia Ventures manages VC funds in Canada and the U.S. that invest in early-to expansion-stage, technology-based, private companies. After investing, we actively support business development initiatives of our portfolio companies in Japan and other Asian markets. Leveraging Entrepia’s relationships, many of our portfolio companies benefit from distribution arrangements, partnerships and alliances with Asian companies resulting in incremental revenues, financing, and advantaged market entry and positioning.

Entrepia’s distinctive approach to delivering value goes beyond making introductions to prospective customers and partners. Based on many years of hands-on experience with distribution, manufacturing and service companies in Asia, we help leverage portfolio company management’s time and efforts by assembling and managing the right set of resources in Asian markets – markets that are high-growth and attractive, yet difficult to efficiently access.

Entrepia’s office in Tokyo plays a key role in our activities. On-the-ground Asian presence of our well-connected and experienced staff enables Canadian and U.S. portfolio companies to be positioned optimally, to work the system from the inside, to read and respond to changes rapidly and to avoid pitfalls, thereby maximizing the likelihood of success.

Besides supporting Entrepia Ventures’ portfolio companies, Entrepia Japan also invests in Japanese start-ups and seed businesses that can take advantage of Entrepia’s cross-border operations.

Source: Entrepia Ventures


Information Technologies, Communications Technologies, Enabling Technologies

Sample Segments:
Wireless and connectivity, Content storage/distribution, Web-based applications, Next-generation computing, Advanced materials, Energy management and IT infrastructure

Early to expansion stage

Technology-based advantages beyond the ordinary

Entrepia seeks companies with a strong technology underpinning. In an exit market inhospitable to IPOs, portfolio companies anchored on clearly superior technologies are more attractive to potential acquirers and have an edge in seeking M&A based exits.

Given that technology advantages are besieged as soon as discovered, Entrepia focuses on investing in companies where extraordinary technology confers an “unfair advantage”, as evidenced through IP patents, affiliation with reputable academic institutions and industry validation. While sometimes difficult to measure precisely, a 3x or more advantage over incumbents or other competing solutions is targeted.

Source: Entrepia Ventures

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1200 McGill College Ave, Suite 1100,
Montreal, QC
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Amit Srivastava, Managing Partner

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