Ashbridge Partners is a privately-held, entrepreneurial investment firm that acquires and actively manages small to medium-sized businesses.
Our goal is to partner with successful business owners who are looking to monetize value from their businesses as well as reduce their operating obligations. We look to partner with existing management teams, not replace them.
Large companies have access to many forms of capital including bank financing, private equity, and the public markets. Smaller companies however, have limited options beyond simple bank financing. In particular, access to private equity capital is significantly limited for companies that find themselves within the smaller end of the mid-market ($2mm to $10mm in cash flow). Ashbridge Partners was formed in January 2013 with the goal of focusing on this market opportunity.

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- We invest personally. Ashbridge Partners principals will invest substantial portions of their personal net worth in a transaction. This ensures that we are completely aligned with the owners of the business and its management team and will always try to make the best decision when it comes to preserving the long-term equity value of the business.
- We join the management team. We look to partner with existing management teams, not replace them. If a need exists to strengthen the management team, Ashbridge Partners principals stand ready to fill that need. In particular, we can help strengthen a Company’s finance department as well as lead acquisition and growth initiatives.
- We are long-term investors. Ashbridge Partners does not manage a pool of capital for external investors. As such, we are not required to exit investments after a set amount of time in order to return money to our investors. This allows us to take a much longer term view (10+ years) when it comes to managing our investments.

Because we invest personally and we don’t have time constraints when it comes to our investments, Ashbridge Partners may be more conservative than traditional private equity firms. In particular, we will employ capital structures with lower levels of debt – emphasizing long-term sustainability over short-term returns.

Source: Ashbridge Partners

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10 Alcorn Ave, Toronto,
Ontario, M4V 3A9, Suite 206



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Nathan Tam, Partner
Jordan Goodman, Partner
Chris Saunders, Partner

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