Avrio Capital was established in 2006 to identify and invest in innovative food and agriculture companies that provide solutions to global challenges in the areas of health, wellness and sustainability. Avrio is a hands-on investor who works alongside of its portfolio companies to provide the support and resources needed to transform emerging companies into successful globally competitive enterprises.

The Avrio team has deep roots in both food and agriculture. Since 2002 the team has invested in more than 40 companies with operations ranging from crop inputs and food production through to value added processes such as fermentation and synthetic biology. The team’s breadth and depth of experience in operational, transactional and sectorial issues allows them to maximize each portfolio company’s opportunity for success.

Source: Avrio Venture


Avrio invests in food technology and advanced agriculture companies that are developing products and services, and have the following attributes:

An experienced growth oriented management team
A sustainable competitive advantage either through proven science, proprietary intellectual property, a strong brand franchise, or a superior operating platform
A large addressable market opportunity or a high-growth niche market segment
A sound business model with proven revenue generation
An entrepreneurial desire to build an enduring, world class organization
Industry Focus
Avrio looks for investments in two high-growth sectors:

Agriculture: Science or innovation that optimize plant or livestock yields, improve resistance to disease or other stress conditions, or modify the overall performance characteristics to facilitate the production of biofuels, renewable chemicals, and bio-based materials
Food: Innovations in food science aimed at improving overall health, nutrition, safety or pleasure in the food and drink consumed
Stage of Investment
Avrio invests in commercialization to growth stage companies with a focus on later stage businesses facing exponential growth opportunities.

Typically, the use of proceeds is to commercialize products, initiate product roll-outs, expand distribution and market presence, or fund growth (organically or through acquisitions).

Size of Investment
Avrio will initially invest between $3-$5 million, with significant capital reserved for subsequent financing rounds over the life of the portfolio company.

The Avrio team is patient, recognizing that successful companies require support over a number of years to realize their potential value.

Investment Region
Avrio invests predominantly in Canadian-based companies, but will also invest in companies in other areas that are able provide an economic or technological benefit to Canada within 12 months of the initial investment.

Source: Avrio Venture

Industry Focus


Year Founded


Contact Info

850-36 Toronto Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5C 2C5


Key Personnel

Jim Taylor, MBA, Managing Director, Founder
Aki Georgacacos, CA, CFA, CF, Managing Director, Founder
Michael McGee, Managing Director

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