Founded approximately 30 years ago by Ronald N. Stern, Stern Partners is based in Vancouver, Canada, with the head offices of our independently managed operating businesses located primarily throughout North America.

Stern Partners is a lead investor in a diverse range of operating companies. Currently we own 18 companies which are operated and managed independently, generating total revenues of over $1.75 billion and collectively employing 7,000 people.

We have built a reputation as a committed long-term investor dedicated to growth and value creation. We do not generally make investments for a predetermined term or based on a fixed liquidity target. Rather, our focus is on the quality of the business and its management – not the exit strategy.

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We are interested in investment opportunities that can provide the basis for long-term growth and value creation, and are generally prepared to be a lead or controlling investor in such businesses.

Our primary interest is in mid-market and larger companies, although there are also several smaller companies in our portfolio of investments. We do not restrict our investments to any specific industry, geographic area or development stage.

Our team has experience in a broad range of industries, including manufacturing, distribution, retailing, consumer products, technology and infrastructure service sectors.

Companies that best suit our investment criteria have many of the following attributes: a proven and committed management team that demonstrates a strong entrepreneurial spirit, operational experience and a high level of personal commitment; a proprietary product or process; a strong market, product or geographic niche with barriers to entry; and a strong relative cost position or influence over costs.

We will also consider companies that have many of these characteristics, but require particular attention in order to address transitional, operational or strategic challenges.

We primarily seek out the following types of investment opportunities:

Sale or Recapitalization by Owners-Founders
Divestment and Spin-Offs
Capital Injection for Expansion
Turn-Around Situations
Going-Private Transactions
Management Buy-Out/Buy-In
The form of our invested capital is flexible and depends on the particular circumstances. We have a proven track record of equity, convertible securities, debentures, mezzanine and other investments. Our preference is for deal structures that provide substantial capital protection in addition to preserving upside potential.

Source: Stern Partners

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650 West Georgia Street
Suite 2900
Vancouver, BC V6B 4N8

Key Personnel

Mr. Ronald Norman Stern L.L.B. - President
Mr. Shamsh Kassam - Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

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