Having invested $1.5 billion in private equity over three decades, CAI has partnered with companies across North America. We are focused on Canada, a region where our connectivity offers a definitive edge.
Our longstanding Canadian roots make us alive to the possibilities in the Canadian lower middle market and a phone call away from the experts and partners who can accelerate growth for each of our portfolio companies.

Source : CAI Capital Partners


In Canada’s close-knit business community, the reputation and relationships we’ve developed are among our greatest assets. We are Canadian – respectful in our approach, open in our thinking, and dogged in our determination.
Many of the past and present founders of portfolio companies in which we’ve invested trust us to manage their personal capital. Their endorsement speaks for itself.
Our sustainable approach to value creation has led to substantial EBITDA growth across our portfolio companies. We seek control positions in founder-led businesses where we can drive growth by adding talent, professionalizing processes, investing in infrastructure, and identifying expansion opportunities.

Investment Criteria:
$3 million or more of EBITDA
Founder owned / led business
Business services or specialty manufacturing
Willingness to take a control investor
No prior institutional equity
Canadian presence (preferred)

Source : CAI Capital Partners

Industry Focus

Infrastructure Services, Business Services, Specialty Manufacturing

Year Founded


Contact Info

902-510 Burrard Street, Vancouver, BC, V6C 3A8


Key Personnel

Curtis Johansson, Partner
Tracey McVicar, Partner
Rob Wildeman, Partner
Ashton Herriott, Principal

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