We believe that entrepreneurialism will be critical to solving the world’s most pressing ecological problems. That’s why we formed InvestEco – to partner with innovative companies that are working to build a healthier planet.

Since our founding in 2002, InvestEco has invested in over fifteen private companies. These range from companies that are developing renewable energy, water technologies, resource productivity technologies and efficient transportation solutions, to companies that promote health and sustainability in the food and agriculture sector.

Over time we have increasingly focused on sustainable food and agriculture, both because we believe activities in this sector will be particularly important to environmental and health outcomes, and because we have developed significant expertise in this area. Today, food and agriculture is our principle focus, and we’ve invested in many leading food and agriculture brands across North America.

Source: InvestEco Capital


By investing in expansion-stage companies in the North American sustainable food sector, InvestEco aims to make a strong financial return for our investors while also promoting companies that are supporting health and sustainability in the food sector.

Source: InvestEco Capital

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70 The Esplanade #400, Toronto, ON M5E 1R2



Key Personnel

Andrew Heintzman, BA, MA, CEO and Co-Founder
Alex Chamberlain, LLB, MBA, CFA, Managing Partner
Michael Curry, BA, Partner and Director

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