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Pangaea is the world leader in advanced materials venture capital. We invest in start-up companies using advanced materials to make our world better. Established in 2000, Pangaea has built an outstanding portfolio addressing multi-billion dollar markets in energy, electronics, health, and sustainability. Our unmatched materials network spans multiple industry verticals, and includes sixteen major multinationals as Strategic Limited Partners.

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Pangaea invests in start-up companies that use advanced materials to make our world better. Breakthroughs in advanced materials are becoming increasingly important for companies to excel in almost any market. Advanced materials are solving fundamental problems necessary to make products more efficient, sustainable, less expensive, and better performing, key attributes necessary for widespread adoption of any product. Pangaea's current fund is focused on advanced materials within energy, electronics, health, and sustainability.

Of course, the disciplines of chemistry, biology, and materials science extend well beyond these four sectors, but we cannot be experts in every discipline. Therefore, we don't invest in such areas as pharmaceuticals or weapons, despite the obvious chemistry and materials science content there.

Pangaea is focused on achieving superior exits and returns for our investors, which drives a strong preference for capital efficient businesses. We like to hold significant minority stakes in companies and maintain those stakes over all stages of financing. It is important that the future capital requirements of any portfolio company be a fit for our fund.

Our investment thesis is technology- and IP-driven. Most high-multiple exits have been achieved by start-ups with a significant patent portfolio, offering excellent protection from competitors. This makes the acquisition target a very attractive growth platform for acquiring companies.

Of course, the strength of the entrepreneurs is critically important to our decision to invest, as well as to the success of the start-up. Pangaea's portfolio boasts management teams coming from the highest levels of major multinationals as well as "Golden Touch" serial entrepreneurs.

With all this and more in mind, Pangaea is actively investing in companies using advanced materials to make our world better.

Source: Pangaea Ventures

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