Family Office Training

Need to understand how your family office can invest in private equity?

Mink Capital teaches the asset class in universities, workshops, and conferences worldwide as well as one-on-one with family offices, just like yours!

Learn how to:

  • logo-mink Gain a detailed understanding of the private equity asset class
  • logo-mink Obtain proprietary deal flow for direct deals (whether on your own or with other family offices)
  • logo-mink Develop a valuation process for access to private companies using simple intrinsic and relative valuation methods
  • logo-mink Focus on the most important aspects (selecting private equity funds is a lot more than IRR!)
  • logo-mink Create an overall alternative investment plan and more…

Mink Capital has a well-earned reputation for delivering a comprehensive, customized training program (based on the specific need of your family office) that provides the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to help  you understand how to invest and manage to your family office’s private equity investments.