Walsingham Growth Partners is a venture capital and private equity firm specializing in early stage, mid venture, late venture, expansion, and growth capital transactions. The firm also invests in companies in the midst of transition from early stage to growth stage and undergoing a management change or turnover.

The firm focuses on Infrastructure SmartTech sector, which includes Energy SmartTech, Environment SmartTech, and Enterprise SmartTech. Within Energy SmartTech, it invests in grid management, extraction, and transportation. Within Environment SmartTech, the firm invests in water, air, and recycling industries

Source: Walsingham Growth Partners


It typically invests between $2 million and $10 million in debt and equity in companies with pre-money valuation of less than CAD $30 million ($31.33 million).

The firm invests in companies with revenue between $5 million and $20 million. It initially expects to hold a 10% to 40% equity interest on a fully diluted basis in any single investment.

The firm prefers to hold a seat on the board of directors, or at a minimum requires a board observer seat in its portfolio companies. It firm typically co-invests with other investors and prefers to be the co-lead investor on the initial round. The fir seeks to exit its investment through merger and acquisition or IPO.

Source: Walsingham Growth Partners

Industry Focus

Software, Data and Communications

Year Founded


Contact Info

4 King Street West
Suite 1300
Toronto, ON M5H 1B6


Key Personnel

Mr. Richard C. Black - Partner
Mr. Clarence J. Chandran - Venture Partner and Chairman

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