Ursataur Capital Management is a private equity firm specializing in recapitalization. It seeks to invest in opportunities that facilitate inter-generational business transfer and corporate carve-outs. The firm seeks to invest between $5 million $15 million. It considers majority and minority investments.

The firm seeks opportunities through interim reductions of stated capital or dividends and at an appropriate time through the re-capitalization or sale of investments. Ursataur Capital Management is based in Toronto, Canada.

Source: Ursataur Capital Management


Identify attractive opportunities

Ursataur seeks investment opportunities
(i) that meet our investment criteria (in terms of transaction size, industry and company focus, management and Ursataur value-add), and (ii) where management and Ursataur are aligned with respect to a plan for the business.

Conduct comprehensive, insightful due diligence

Ursataur’s due diligence seeks to identify a business’ key value drivers and the derivative factors that affect these value drivers. All material elements of a business, including its financial strength and outlook, strategy, management, growth opportunities and potential vulnerabilities are assessed. Finally, each potential investment is assessed through an internal framework to synthesize the attractiveness of the current business, upside operational opportunity, the optimal capital structure, the attractiveness of the proposed transaction terms, its diversification or synergy effect on Ursataur’s portfolio and potential opportunities to crystallize value.

Buy and structure well

Ursataur’s principals have successfully negotiated, both in proprietary and advisory capacities, numerous complex transactions involving significant equity investments on aggressive timelines. We believe that our depth of experience in transaction execution and the pace at which we can negotiate and close transactions, distinguish us from other investors.

Support investee organizations

Ursataur believes that the first step in supporting investee organizations effectively is to achieve alignment with management on corporate strategy and achievable operational and financial targets.  While Ursataur does not manage businesses directly on an ongoing basis, we actively seek opportunities to support investee organizations.

Generate options to crystallize value

To appropriately manage risk and portfolio diversification, Ursataur seeks opportunities to crystallize value creation in our investments, including through interim reductions of stated capital or dividends and at an appropriate time through the re-capitalization or sale of investments.

Source: Ursataur Capital Management

Industry Focus


Year Founded


Contact Info

66 Wellington Street West, TD Bank Tower
Suite 3830
P.O. Box 256
Toronto-Dominion Centre
Toronto, ON M5K1K7


Key Personnel

Mr. Andrew W. W. Cockwell - Co-Managing Partner
Mr. J. Francis Cooke - Co-Managing Partner

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