Neotech is an Innovation Hatchery, providing management structure, seed capital and coaching that transform disruptive ideas into technological pioneers and established, sustainable companies.

Neotech Capital is the venture capital company of angel investors Daniel
Robichaud and Carl Fugere. It invests in web-based businesses, online media,
Internet infrastructure and hosted applications, and finances its own idea

Neotech Capital has a portfolio of 9 companies in the field of
technologies. These companies are in sectors in strong growth and work
according to a business model of recurring incomes. Their current growth is
impressive and multiple investment opportunities arise.

Source: Neotech Capital


Neotech maintains a unique ‘Start-Up to Scale’ approach, establishing and accelerating growth of innovative businesses in partnership with global New Media and Telecom companies.

Its business model is, among other things, based on an incubator which converts starting companies or even start-up ideas into viable and structured companies to
attack their respective market.

Neotech Capital's knowledge in international marketing, broad network of contacts and organization method for companies form a model having already proven reliable on several occasions.

As an investor and partner, Neotech Capital provides valuable industry,
strategic and corporate development expertise to help young companies succeed.

Source: Neotech Capital

Industry Focus


Year Founded


Contact Info

64 Prince Street, 2nd Floor
Montréal, QC H3C 2M8, Canada

Key Personnel

Daniel Robichaud - Founder, CEO, President
Mr. Carl Fugère - Executive VP
Mr. Robbert van de Griendt - Partner

Source: LinkedIn & S&P Global Market Intelligence

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