Ekagrata is a focused private investment and holding company with a single purpose to build long term businesses with global presence and leadership positions. At our core we like building things, solving complex problems, taking on cutting edge challenges, being different but always values driven. We like breaking grounds and making dents! At Ekagrata our approach to our business is values driven. This enables us to apply our skills and expertise consistently and purposefully not only in perceptible situations but also in situations of true uncertainty.

Our purpose is to have positive impact in all we do and in our operating environment and in end make a dent. If we do that well we will make our people happy, who in turn will build good companies, that in turn will excite our customers, and along the way make money for financial independence of our action.
We seek to see the world as it is not how we wish it to be. This requires us to painstakingly pursue transparency, truth and understanding in our thinking, conversations, decisions analyses and activities. We constantly seek to be work beyond hyperrealism of our consciousness and local influences. Therefore we value paying attention, concentrating, focused listening, perception and deliberation.Superior judgement is critical for longevity of success and positive impact of our businesses. We believe making good judgement comes from rich experiences, which in turn typically result from poor judgement.

Emotional engagement is critical for all our actions. We believe intellectual excellence, in and of itself is ineffective. Emotions drive commitment to action. Building comprehensive intellectual models of the world with little association to emotional reality is waste of intellect. We value being different, curious, weird and in cases unreasonable. Progress comes from breaking the mould and challenging status quo.

We are a purpose driven meritocracy that strives for excellence. For Ekagrata good enough is not good enough, here average performance begets good severance ore reassignment.
We abhor brilliant jerks and embrace “the no assholes rule”. This does not mean we do not value diversity of views, but within context of our values we believe compromising with brilliant assholes is punitive for rest of organisation and business.

Source: Ekagrata Group


We have deep functional expertise and distinctive problem solving skills that are deployable across industry sectors and verticals. We believe this functional approach to partnerships allows us to complement management and supplement them rather than supplant their experience and expertise with ours. It also sets the stage for open dialogues and courageous conversations that matter, than arguing because of differing opinions about known and established facts and beliefs.

Polishing dirt is not for us. By functional knowledge we mean expertise that impacts any company’s business system in areas like incentive policies and behaviours, zero cost design, linear performance pricing, lean operating systems, uncertainty management, zero cost capital and the like. We have developed this expertise from traditional functional work done in areas like organisational design, transaction cost analyses, capital structure redesign, shop floor improvements. We take pride in our distinctive problem solving expertise. This is a result of taking multi-speciality approach to thinking through issues where we bring to bear concepts and principles of many fields – mathematics, biological systems theory, anthropological and social sciences, physics, history, cognitive science – into solving business problems with objective to create insights that build competitive advantage repeatedly.

The defining element of partnering with Ekagrata is its ability to add strategic and operating value to the business. Management and companies that are uncomfortable being asked repeated questions around what and why things are the way they are, will find us hard to be with. We combine significant time and resources along with our expertise to rapidly understand company specific context within a sector specific situation. Given our distinctive global network with leading international businesses and advisory firms we can tap into world class expertise and talent pools expeditiously.

Source: Ekagrata Group

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