Dancap Private Equity is a family investment office, where the principal is Aubrey Dan. We invest our own money through a team that has over 70 years of combined investment management and operating experience.

We are a flexible organization that highly values its ability to assess investment opportunities efficiently. Our core values set a high standard for our business interactions and we approach investment opportunities with rigor and discipline.

Dancap Private Equity enjoys a singular mandate: to build wealth over the long term. We do this by providing best practices in asset allocation, portfolio construction, investment due dilligence and investment management.

Our investment focus includes alternative assets, such as private equity, private debt, infrastructure, commodities and hedge funds, as well as traditional assets, including public equities, fixed income and real estate.

Source: Dancap Private Equity


Offering unique financial solutions

Dancap provides both debt and equity investments. As a private fund, we are able to structure the investment according to the specific needs of the company. Our team approaches each opportunity as unique prospect and evaluates with objectivity, experience and skill.

Dancap provides funding for growth. Our investment mandate is between $1 million and $10 million.

Targeted Returns
Our return requirement reflects the relative risk of the investment. We assess every investment opportunity on its own unique merits and customize a deal structure that both fits the needs of our investee partners and recognizes the risk being assumed by Dancap.


Part of our evaluation of an opportunity is to assess the other investors it attracts, either within the company's management team or from other investors. We prefer investment partners on all transactions, both to mitigate our own risk and to ensure greater access to the capital needed to fund future growth.

Relationship with Investees

Although we consider ourselves to be active investors, we do not require a board seat on every investment. We do require access to the investee company records and decision making processes. In addition, we add value as required through the recommendation of strong independent board members.

Co-investment Partnerships

As a Co-investment partner, Dancap offers a quick and flexible capital solution to any institutions equity requirements. We are experienced Co-investors and have a streamlined due diligence process which allows us to transact quickly in an unobtrusive manner. As a private fund, we do not have liquidity constraints that may conflict with other partnering fund requirements.

Source: Dancap Private Equity

Industry Focus

Real Estate and Diversified

Year Founded


Contact Info

197 Sheppard Ave. West
Toronto, Ontario M2N 1M9


Key Personnel

Aubrey Dan, President
Elias Toby, CPA, CA, COO, CFO
Paul A. Tershakowec, MA, CFA – Investment Manager

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