Solowave Investments


Acquiring and growing high-potential companies , Solowave Investments Limited combines investment capital and operational expertise to drive the growth of companies with exciting market opportunities.

Solowave has made investments in commercial real estate projects and high-growth companies from various industries. Under Solowave's guidance, portfolio companies have attracted significant financing from some of Canada's largest venture capital firms while building skilled senior management teams and establishing their presence in competitive global markets.

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We take fundamentally sound companies and work hands-on to make them stronger and bigger. Adding value through our operational expertise is at the core of Solowave's process of growing high-potential companies.

We work actively with - and enhance - the management teams of portfolio companies.

Typically, we encourage capital expenditures and strategic acquisitions by portfolio companies to expand upon their strengths and increase their scale and scope.

In addition to our financial resources, Solowave has established a network of industry contacts and key service providers. Their expertise in broad areas of management and operations are drawn upon to benefit all portfolio companies. Solowave also works closely with an advisory board comprised of industry experts and successful business leaders who provide ongoing technical expertise and strategic advice.

Source: Solowave Investments

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    Waterloo, Ontario.
    103 Bauer Place
    Suite 5
    Waterloo, ON N2L 6B5
  • Key Personnel
    Mr. Richard Boyer, Principal
    Mr. Mat Wolf CPA,, Principal